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April 22, 2013

From Steve

Over the past few days, a number of important meetings have taken place: a college wide faculty meeting, the spring meeting of the Dean's Advisory Council, meetings of advisory boards of a couple of our academic departments (with others scheduled to occur very soon), a meeting of the supply chain management forum…to name a few. In each case, I have been impressed. I am impressed with the quality of the presentations given by our students. They truly are one of our primary "products" and they represent us extremely well. I am impressed with the quality of presentations given by members of our faculty and the responsiveness of the audiences to which they presented. Faculty thought leadership is fundamental to what we do, both inside and outside the classroom. I am also again impressed, throughout these experiences, with the connection and commitment that our alumni feel and demonstrate to the school. It is truly remarkable. Above all, it is due to the dedicated and personalized service that staff and faculty of this college individually and collectively give to those who pass through our doors. And so, as the semester begins to wind down, a BIG Orange THANK YOU for all that you do and for the manner in which you conduct your professional lives. I am honored to be your colleague.

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Executive Committee Meeting, April 16, 2013

The Executive Committee met on Tuesday, April 16. The primary area of focus was on a historical overview of the Center for Executive Education and a discussion of the role of CEE in CBA today and going forward. CEE has a rich history in the college and provides significant support to faculty and departments in a variety of ways. For example, over its history CEE is a test bed for several curricular initiatives that have later been adopted in our degree programs; provides opportunity for cross department faculty relationships to form; produces important internal and external research connections; provides access to important data sources and data collection for research; and is a key source of external visibility for the college.

Financially, CEE supports faculty and departments through extra service pay and faculty buyouts. Financial resources flowing to departments account for a significant portion of the departmental operating budgets. It is not uncommon for CEE to contribute in the neighborhood of 2 to 2.5 million per year in faculty buyouts and extra service payments to faculty and academic departments. In addition, in many years, revenue from CEE has been vitally important to "balancing the college's books" at the end of the fiscal year. Going forward, there is hope that future growth in financial margins from CEE may help support additional research activities in the college.

The continuing aspiration is for CEE to be widely regarded as a major national player in non-degree and degree programs for executives, and to strong contributor to the college in building a reputation for thought leadership. The primary purpose of CEE is to support the College both financially and strategically. To that end, we are particularly interested in how executive education efforts can assist in the research mission of the College, as well as enhance the placement of our undergraduate and MBA programs.

In other news, Amy Cathey will be transitioning to a role in CEE to help provide support across executive MBA degree programs. She will remain as academic advisor to the full time MBA program. A search for a new MBA program director will be launched.

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College of Businss Administration Honors


Congratulations to the Winners at the 2013 College of Business Administration Honors Banquet.

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Department News

LeAnn Luna recently advised Tennessee Representative Diane Black and others of the federal Ways and Means Committee in Washington, D.C., about the benefits and complexity of Section 529 college savings plans and also offered advice to reform educational tax incentives in the federal income tax code.

The Finance Department welcomed their Advisory Board on April 18, 2013. The complete list of Finance Department Advisory Council members is included here.

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