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July 15, 2013

Message from Steve

Dear Colleagues:

The members of the Executive Committee just completed a day and a half of off site meetings. While one is prone to refer to such a meeting as a “retreat,” perhaps it is more appropriate to label it a “forward”. The focus was a variety of topics fundamental to moving the college forward and doing so consistent with Vol Vision/Top 25.

The day started with discussion of two critically important initiatives involving faculty committees.

First, we reviewed the “charges” given to the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) to “enable the development of statements of vision, mission, and values…” and to “review the college by-laws, suggest changes…and work with the CBA faculty to develop and implement these changes”. Ken Petersen and Amy Cathey, of the FAC, joined the Executive Committee for this portion of the meeting.

Three guiding principles - inclusiveness, meaningfulness and transparency – have been adopted by the FAC, and these principles were endorsed by the EC. There was considerable discussion regarding the general steps in the process and the constituencies involved. A college wide process with ample opportunity for involvement by all stakeholders is expected to unfold during the coming year.

Second, Lane Morris led an overview discussion of the scope of inquiry anticipated for the recently appointed Undergraduate Core Task Force (see below for more detail). The focus of this task force was characterized in the form of five questions: does our CBA UG Core have the…right focus/external brand; right content; right program structure; right delivery mechanisms; and right resources

The Executive Committee strongly endorsed the importance of these two initiatives and expressed its appreciation and thanks to individual faculty members who accepted responsibility in these efforts.

Recognizing that nothing is more fundamental to the accomplishment of organizational goals than to have faculty workload and faculty performance management systems aligned with each other and with organizational goals, the Executive Committee devoted significant time to an on-going conversation about further aligning workload and faculty performance management policies to our “top 25” organizational goal. While significant progress was made, additional work remains. It is anticipated that a draft workload policy revision document will be ready prior to the start of the academic year. Implementation of new workload policies, following faculty discussion and input, is anticipated for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Finally, the college operated this past year at a sizeable budget deficit. Our Financial Information Office is reviewing the specifics of our situation, so there will be more details provided in the near future. Nevertheless, a significant amount of time was spent discussing possible steps to address this situation going forward. We heard updates from both CEE and our Development Office, and began the process of examining how we can assure a timely return to a positive fiscal situation. A number of ideas were generated for increasing revenues flowing into the college and for more efficiently using existing resources. As a follow up to the meetings of the past day and a half, these ideas will be assessed more completely in forming an action plan. As this action plan takes form, we will convey more concrete information to the college community.

As we move forward together, we will continue to face many competitive, structural, and fiscal challenges. I am confident in our collective abilities and talents to meet these challenges and continue to fill our role as a “research 1”, world-class institution, providing thought leader excellence in research, teaching, and service. I welcome all input and suggestions from each of you as we continue to develop and implement these initiatives in the CBA.


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Dean's Faculty Advisory Council

Ken Petersen (co-chair)
Amy Cathey (co-chair)
Scott Gilpatric

Rusell Crook
Anita Hollander
Andy Puckett

Ken Anderson
Bogdan Bichescu
Jean Gauger
David Wiliams

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Undergraduate Core Task Force

As a continuous improvement effort with the expressed intention of making the CBA a “destination of choice for recruiting world-class business talent,” the purpose of the UG Core Task Force will be to review, refine, sharpen, and redesign as appropriate the key areas of the curriculum within the UG Core that will enable our CBA students to be highly competitive as they enter the post-graduation marketplace.

Beginning August 2013, the UG Core Task Force will begin their work with the intention of addressing the following five questions: Does the current CBA UG Core have the (a) right focus and contribute to the CBA’s external brand; (b) right content in delivering the threshold and differentiating competencies to position our CBA students ahead of the competition in the marketplace; (c) right structure so that the content of the courses is properly aligned to maximize the value proposition of learning; (d) right delivery formats that provide instructional flexibility through diverse methodologies and technologies allowing students to learn any-time and any-where; (e) right resources in terms of personnel, budget, and classroom space.

Members of the UG Core Task Force were selected from all departments. Chairing the Task Force is Stephanie Noble from the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management. The additional members of the UG Core Task Force are as follows:

AIM - Angel Norman(IM), Keith Stanga (Accounting)
SOMS - Charles Cwiek
Economics - Marianne Wanamaker
Finance - John Wachowicz
Management - Russell Crook
Marketing/SCM - Stephanie Noble* (Marketing), Mary Holcomb (SCM)
Others—these individuals are selected with a unique “charge” to represent CBA interests in core. - Shay Scott (International & Technology), Victor Ranft (Ethics & Technology), Phil Daves (GLS)
Liaison(s) - George Drinnon, Lane Morris

In conducting their work, the UG Task Force will work with all identified stakeholders (e.g., CBA Faculty, benchmark peer & aspirational B-schools/colleges, employers, advisory councils, career services, professional associations—AACSB, SACS, current/former students, and other external outlets) to identify and map the competencies that will enable our CBA students to differentiate their professional candidacy in the marketplace or in higher education. The approximate timeline for this initiative will be two years.

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CBA Promotion & Tenure 2013

Congratulations to the following faculty on their promotions and/or tenure.

Tenure and/or Promotion
Luiz Lima, Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of Economics
Georg Schaur, Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of Economics
Anne Smith, Professor, Department of Management
Charles Noble, Tenure, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Stephanie Noble, Tenure, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Lecture Promotions
Anita Hollander, UT Senior Lecturer and CBA Distinguished Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Information Management
Laura Cole, UT Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance
John Anderson, UT Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
James Schmidhammer, UT Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Operations and Management Science

These promotions represent important accomplishments for our faculty. Please congratulate these folks personally when you have that opportunity.

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Department News

Accounting and Information Management
Congratulations to Bruce Behn on winning the American Accounting Association's Outstanding Service Award. The purpose of the Outstanding Service Award, with its broad eligibility requirements, is to recognize outstanding services to the Association other than educational and research contributions.

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Congratulations to Mary Holcomb for being awarded "Gerald T. Niedert Supply Chain Fellow." Mr. Niedert's gift was designated as an Endowed Faculty Award that will provide support to the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) College of Business Administration.

Statistics, Operations and Management Science
Dr. Ham Bozdogan, McKenzie Professor in the Department of Statistics, Operations and Management Science, gave a keynote lecture at the European Conference on Data Analysis (ECDA-2013) ( in Luxembourg during July 10-12, 2013 on his new work entitled: "A New Supervised Classication of Credit Approval Data via the Hybridized RBF Neural Network Model Using the Genetic Algorithm and the Information Complexity." Dr. Bozdogan also chaired two sessions at this conference. ECDA was sponsored by the German and French Classification Societies under the Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the University of Luxembourg. Dr. Bozdogan also gave a two-day invited lectures at the University of Milan-Bicocca Department of Economics, Statistics, and Management in Italy during July 15-16, 2013 on his work: "Predictive Subset Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Modeling, Detection of Outliers and Forecasting Using the Genetic Algorithm and Information Complexity"

The Economics department, cooperating with the Baker Center, hosted a conference on Identification of Causal Effects in Environmental and Energy conomics. Christian Vossler was the primary organizer of the conference.

UT College of Business Administration remembers Dr. George Anthony Spiva, Jr., professor emeritus of economics, who passed away on Friday, July 19, 2013. He was 85.

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