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March 11, 2013

From Steve

Thank you for the wonderfully warm welcome that you have extended to me in joining the college. I appreciate the great turnout at the welcoming reception last week and I look forward to beginning to know each of you better through small group and individual meetings which begin in earnest this week.

To view photos from Dean Mangum's Meet and Greet, click here.

Among other events last week, I enjoyed an hour-long interaction with a cross section of honors students in the college. I wish that you could have heard their comments. The common theme in their comments was that CBA faculty and staff are approachable and caring, "willing to bend over backwards" to assist students serious about their education.

Another event this past week was the "basketball and business" event held on Saturday, prior to the Vols victory over Missouri. The participants at this event were different, alumni rather than current students, but the nature of the comments was the same...a series of testimonials about the impact of individual faculty on their lives.

Walking across campus following the second event, a quote came to mind which paraphrasing says, "education is not about filling a pail, it is about lighting a fire." Thank you for influencing student lives.

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Executive Committee Meeting, March 5, 2013

While the agenda for the Executive Committee meeting contained a number of items, the time was largely consumed by discussion of a single item, the beginning of a "deep dive" into the finances of the college, aimed at a detailed collective understanding of where our resources are generated and our options moving forward.

This first session consisted of Belinda Carter walking the Committee through a spreadsheet listing our primary revenue sources and which units within the college generate funding through each source. The primary sources listed were: 1) the college's base funding allocation: historically set and augmented annually by salary adjustment funds and any new position money received from state allocation; 2) base "one time" funds including funding for summer classes, some technology fund allocations, and annual payments for service courses; 3) Undergraduate differential tuition tied to undergraduate enrollment levels in the college, augmented annually as a function of any tuition increases; 4) graduate program differential fee revenue; 5) revenue from general (non government) contracts and events such as those held by a number of our centers; 6) endowment earnings and cash gifts; 7) research contracts; 8) indirect cost recovery funding or research incentive funds based on the dollar flow of sponsored research generated by the college; 8) so-called "recoveries" coming back to academic departments from buyouts of faculty time for activities such as EMBA teaching; and 9) the ever popular "other."

In future meetings, the Committee will gain more detailed understanding of each of these revenue sources and spend time looking at the cost structure of the college, all with the goal of helping us more strategically manage the college through both top line revenue and bottom line net revenue growth.

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College Awards' Nominees

We are proud of the faculty and staff nominated for College of Business Administration awards. The winners will be announced at the CBA Honors Banquet on April 16, 2013. Here is full list of awards and the list of nominees. Again, congratulations!

Graduate Teaching Award
Lee Biggerstaff - Finance
Julianna Butler - Economics
David Gligor - MSCM
Kincy Madison - Management
Quinn Swanquist - AIM

Faculty Teaching Award
Benjamin Compton - Economics
Mike Ehrhardt - Finance
Anita Hollander - AIM
Debbie Mackey - Management
Robert Mee - SOMS
Ted Stank - MSCM

Faculty Commitment to Students
Jean Gauger - Economics
Frank Guess - SOMS
Lane Morris - Management
Suzan Murphy - Finance
Deborah Swanquist - AIM

Faculty Teaching, Research and Service
Joe Carcello - AIM
Dan Flint - MSCM
Tracie Woidtke - Finance

Staff Customer Reponsiveness
Fozey Abidi - CEE
George Drinnon - Undergraduate Programs
Jane Moser - SOMS

Staff Innovation and Creativity
Libby Magill - CEE
Andrew Seidler - Undergraduate Programs
Tami Touchstone - Dean's Office

Staff Professionalism
Susan McGee - Economics
Jane Moser - SOMS
Andrew Seidler - Undergraduate Programs


Make plans to attend the 2013 Honors Banquet to be held on April 16 from 6 - 9 PM in the Ballroom of the University Center. Please RSVP by emailing by April 11.

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