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February 7, 2014

Message from Steve

It is great to be a Tennessee Volunteer! And it is great to be a member of the CBA community. I am continually impressed by the good things that occur within our college each and every day. Each good thing bears the imprint of individuals and teams of individuals with whom you and I interact each day. And each of us can and should take pride in these many accomplishments for we are collectively made better by each. Just take a small sample of things from this last week for example…a student group working behind the scenes at the Super Bowl; a student group traveling to Omaha and meeting with Warren Buffet; a Graduate Business Programs Day attended by over 20 high potential minority students; a Global Supply Chain Advisory Board meeting with representatives of over 20 international firms; 17 high profile companies on campus for a business analytics forum; faculty members receiving manuscript acceptances from the best journals of their respective fields; CBA faculty research referenced in the Wall Street Journal and other high profile outlets, UT students raking in the top 3 percent on the CPA exam, and this is just a sampling!

In light of these happenings, and those that occur here each and every week, how wonderfully appropriate is our recently adopted mission statement:

“We are a community that serves the citizens and business of Tennessee and beyond. We support learning through the creation and sharing of knowledge. We succeed when our work, and that of our students and partners, generate nationally and internationally recognized outcomes that improve the world.”

Thanks for your work to fulfill this mission statement each and every day!


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Executive Committee Meetings

Two EC minutes have been held since our most recent edition of PACE. In the meeting of January 14th, the Committee reviewed procedures for processing nominations for Chancellor Citation awards, received an update on activities planned for the college’s year long century celebration, agreed to explore committee use of a “sharepoint” and discussed alternative next steps in the strategic planning process, deciding upon a number of task forces to be convened and charged. In the February 4th meeting, the Committee received a “sharepoint” demonstration, learned of the college’s upcoming early stage involvement in “Elements” which is the University’s planned faculty activity reporting system, discussed implications of recent changes in the state’s retirement system contribution rate, and receive an update on activities involved with the College’s consolidation of graduate and executive education into a single administrative unit.

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Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations

A warm CBA welcome to Tanya Brown who joined the College February 1st as Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

In this role, Tanya is our chief strategist and architect for marketing, branding, and communication strategies across the college, including all units, centers, institutes, and programs. She is responsible for developing and directing a college-wide collaborative effort enhancing our brand and global reputation among key stakeholders and target audiences.

Tanya comes to us from the College of Law where she has served as the director of communications since 2010. Before coming to the University of Tennessee, Tanya worked at Purdue University in the Department of Marketing and Media and had full-time marketing responsibility for the Krannert School of Management.

She began her career as a journalist, earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism and art from the Pulliam School of Journalism at Franklin College of Indiana. She is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Knoxville Marketing Association, as well as the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Campus Communicators group.

Tanya lives in Clinton, Tennessee, with her husband, Ben, and their four children.

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Strategic Planning Task Forces To Be Formed

Building on the Vision, Mission, and Values (VMV) work of the CBA community last semester, eight task forces will soon be formed to address a series of questions which seek to drive our collective thinking deeper into how we can fulfill our purpose of “supporting learning through the creation and sharing of knowledge” in ways that “generate nationally and internationally recognized outcomes.”

The task forces are listed below, along with the chairs for each. These task forces will be of varying size and composition (mix of faculty (tenure track and non tenure track) and staff). If there is a task force on which you would be interested and willing to serve, please let your department or unit head know of your interest. Department and unit heads are asked to forward the names to Associate Dean Annette Ranft by no later than February 12th. While the number of interested individuals may end up being such that not all who express willingness will be asked to serve on a task force, each expression of willingness is appreciated.

Task Forces:
Undergraduate Program - Phillip Daves
Masters & Executive Programs – Amy Cathey
Doctoral Programs – Charlie Noble
Research Program Impact – Bill Fox
Faculty Development – Anne Smith
Global Programs & Partnerships – Shay Scott
Corporate & Alumni Engagement – Ted Stank
Technological Infrastructure – Anita Hollander

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“Questions From The Hallway”

Question: “Is it true that the college’s new workload policy says that the only activity of any real value is publication in top tier academic journals?”

Answer: No, it is most definitely not true.

The workload policy speaks of individual and collective engagement across a number of value producing activities, not just one. These activities are broadly labeled research, teaching and service. Within each, a variety of valued individual activities exist. For example, service includes both internal service and external outreach. Research includes both high impact academic research and high impact applied research. So, valued activities include, but certainly are not limited to, publication in top tier academic journals.

The workload policy recognizes, as a core point, a significant time allocation tradeoff for tenured faculty. In contrast, for yet to be tenured, tenure track faculty the workload expectation is more prescriptive. The expectation is that of a relatively set number of teaching and service activity units, and correspondingly, focused attention to building a robust, ongoing record of high impact academic research accomplishment. For non-tenure track faculty, the workload policy reflects, consistent with job expectations, a predominant focus on teaching, while recognizing potential for a mixed portfolio, in selective cases.

The assumption of significant time allocation tradeoffs for tenured faculty can be viewed in a variety of ways. From an equity perspective, the underlying principle is that it is inherently inequitable for the teaching and service workloads of two individuals to be similar when the two have vastly different research activity/output profiles. Another supporting perspective is that it is sensible to allocate workload based on recognized competency and achievement (as long as doing so can be done without compromising attainment of overall organizational mission).

It should also be noted that performance on these workload dimensions is not evaluated within the workload policy system, but rather through the faculty performance management system (e.g. the system by which annual merit raises are determined).

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