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March 11, 2014

Message from Steve

Welcome to March! Judging from the weather of the past couple of days, perhaps we have turned a corner. Hopes of spring may be realized after all!

This year we are celebrating our centennial year as a college. If you have not taken the opportunity to do so, the most recent issue of Archways contains a historical timeline of the college and an article with wonderful reflections from individuals (Ladd, Moore, Neel, Williams) who have contributed in important ways to our history. Their thoughts are enjoyable and insightful reading.

Hopefully you have also noticed the Century Celebration medallions and banners in and outside our buildings. A wall size version of the timeline in Archways will soon be placed in the Haslam Building Atrium. You also will soon hear of student “give away” events via social media, Century Celebration focused student competitions, and other celebrations of our rich history. Join in the celebrations as they are announced, and consider holding other associated events in your units. Centennial celebrations only come around…you guessed it…every 100 years, so join in!


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Executive Committee Meetings

Strategic Analysis Task Forces: Eight task forces have been formed and launched to continue the college efforts in building on the vision, mission and values developed in the fall semester. Task forces are expected to submit their work by April 15th. More to come regarding this process as it moves forward.

Future Faculty Program: The University of Tennessee is entering its third year of the Future Faculty Program, a program that seeks to identify diverse doctoral students across the nation and introduce them to UT and to opportunities for one to begin their academic careers, potentially at the University of Tennessee. Tyvi Small is coordinating this programmatic effort for CBA. Department heads, working with their faculty, have primary responsibility for identifying prospects in their fields. Data from the Ph.D. Project is used in this process, along with information available through other networks within professional associations. CBA faculty and staff are encouraged to share any contacts and other relevant information with academic department heads to broaden and enrich our efforts and participation in this program. Adding to the diversity of our faculty and staff is among the goals that we have as an organization.

CBA Awards Reception: A new format for the college spring awards event is planned for this year. Hold the date for April 22nd for the CBA Awards Reception. This year, the annual awards event will be a reception held in the Haslam Atrium. More information will be forthcoming.

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It is the time of year to think about how we can recognize the College of Business faculty and staff through our college-level awards. The CBA online awards nomination page will be released this month with a short window for nominations, so please watch for the opening of the system.

In addition to the awards traditionally offered in the CBA, this year we have added a Diversity Award, administered through the CBA Diversity Council. The College of Business Administration Diversity Award recognizes a CBA faculty member, staff member, office, department or program that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and has made consistent contributions to the promotion and advancement of diversity and inclusion within the College of Business Administration and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Nominees must have demonstrated leadership and commitment to diversity at UTK and within CBA, as well as implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives that are sustainable and collaborative. Please direct any nominations or related questions regarding the CBA Diversity Award to Tyvi Small.

Watch for email announcements regarding the opening of the online nomination system for all other awards in the next few days. Nominations will open for the following awards using the online system.

2014 CBA Award Categories
Bank of America Faculty Leadership Award
Bank of America Undergraduate Student Leadership Award
CBA Graduate Teaching Award
Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award
Faculty Outstanding Scholarship for Teaching, Research & Service Award
CBA Staff Customer Responsiveness Award
CBA Staff Professionalism Award
CBA Staff Innovation & Creativity Award

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C. Warren Neel Corporate Governance Center

In case you missed the earlier announcement, it is certainly worth repeating. At the most recent UT Board of Trustees meeting, approval was given to name the C. Warren Neel Corporate Governance Center. Given all that Warren has done for the college, including his long-time and impactful service as deann, it is appropriate that an important entity in the college carry his name. Warren was an important partner (to Joe Carcello) in the development of this center, making it all the more fitting that it now bear his name.

A reception event honoring Warren and the naming of the Center is being planned for early April. Please “stay tuned” for additional information on that event.

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“Questions From The Hallway”

Question: “With the recent hiring of an Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the College, what should we be expecting in this area?”

Answer: Tanya Brown recently joined the college as the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations. She will help expand our capabilities and lead our efforts in marketing, public relations, and communications.

With Tanya’s leadership, we will be taking a more holistic look at our marketing and public relations activities. While we will continue to accentuate the strengths of individual units in our targeted marketing efforts, we will showcase these strengths within a more consistent messaging of a college brand and with an increased degree of consistency in the “look and feel” of our marketing pieces and web presence. This will also help us better identify and address gaps in what we are doing.

Currently we address our marketing and communications needs through a mosaic of outsourced services, a number of part time appointments spread across a variety of units and pieces of people's responsibilities and a very small number of full time professionals. By centralizing responsibility for identifying and delivering on needs across subunits through some increase in consolidated, full time positions, we should be able to deliver more services better and at lower cost than is currently the case. We will continue to utilize some outsourced services and by establishing stronger relationships with a smaller set of outside providers, understanding of and adherence to our service expectations should be strengthened. Savings from less reliance on outsourced services will be significant.

Moving in this direction will require cooperation. It will initially require exercising faith in the concept and then patience in the transition, understanding that everything may not initially go according to plan...and remembering that things don't always go according to plan even now. Under this approach, units of the college will be internal clients to Tanya and her unit. The college is investing to help Tanya build her team, and understandably it will take some time build the necessary in house resources. Moving to the new approach will occur over time, incrementally rather than abruptly. During the transition and beyond, everyone involved will work to produce quality, timely service and outcomes.

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