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May 21, 2013

Executive Committee Meetings

During the summer months, the executive committee is continuing to meet and to explore college policies and practices, as well as to prepare for our full college engagement in a strategic planning process this fall.

The ongoing deep dive into the financial infrastructure of the college, has recently been directed at exploring departmental funding models and operating budgets. Exploration of alternative financial models as deeper understanding of current models is gained, continues.

The college has identified 6 individuals to nominate for the UT Future Faculty Program. This program is intended to promote and increase diversity among our faculty by introducing Knoxville, UT, and academic units to promising later stage doctoral candidates. The Future Faculty program will be held on September 19-21. Questions about the program or the college participation can be directed to Tyvi Small.

Interviews for the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Student Affairs are being held. Phil Daves, Finance, and Lane Morris, Management, are giving presentations regarding their views on undergraduate programs in the college as part of this interview process. Phil's presentation can be found here and Lane's presentation can be found here.

The UTK merit raise pool and process is expected to be determined in the next few weeks. Currently a 1.5% across the board raise has been approved, and the merit portion is still to be determined.

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Kudos to Tenn TLC Participants

We want to highlight our faculty participating in Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center (Tenn TLC) programs.

Jackie Jacobs from Management participated in the Creative Teaching Grant program. The Tenn TLC in collaboration with the colleges and the Office of Research was able to fund eleven Creative Teaching Grants this year from a pool of 24 applications. Across the board these teaching projects embody the best of purposeful and creative teaching – active learning, critical thinking, and co-creation of value.

Jackie's grant is titled, "Lost in the Crowd? An Examination of the Effects of Teacher Immediacy via Electronic Communication on Student Affective and Cognitive Learning in Large Lecture Classes.” Jackie is interested in the motivational, supportive, and accountability benefits of teacher immediacy in large classes. In small classes connections between students and teachers are easily sustained through verbal and non-verbal interactions as well as the typical feedback of formative and summative assessments. In large classes one-to-one interactions with all members of the class are difficult at best, and students can become discouraged in their anonymity. Drawing on a large body of research into the benefits of targeted communication between teachers and students, and her personal experience as a teacher, Jackie will use an old technology, email, to research the effects of different email contact content and timing on student attitudes and success.

And kudos to Mary Holcomb and Lisa Murray from Marketing and Supply Chain Management. They are participating in the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center Summer Institute.

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Department News

James Chyz 's paper with Dan S. Dhaliwal, William C. Schwartz, Jr., and John L. Campbell, entitled “Did the 2003 Tax Act Increase Capital Investments by Corporations?,” was accepted by John Phillips (editor) of the Journal of the American Taxation Association.

Sarah Clinton's paper with Steve Baginski and Sean McGuire entitled “Forward-Looking Voluntary Disclosure in Proxy Contests” was accepted for publication in Contemporary Accounting Research. This is a premier accounting journal and is included as a Financial Times 45 journal.

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